“Connectivism” : “Over the last twenty years, technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn.” Like I mentioned in class last week, I believe that we are currently in the middle of a paradigm shift. The whole article recognizes the irreversible changes technology is having on the way we live our lives. Technology is ever changing, and has effected the way we live 100%. But, with this paradigm shift, when will it end? Do they ever? I think that for maybe one of the first times in history, we can recognize the changes, have a name for the process, and recognize it’s importance. But, is it for the best? After the Industrial Revolution, so many people were out of jobs, forever. Will this shift ever slow down, and if so, will we be able to slow down with it? Or, if it stays at the rate of change that technology has been at for the past twenty years, will we lose control with the paradigm shift altogether? It’s like Alice heading down the Rabbit hole in a way- after she “woke up” from her “dream” she knew what she had experienced, and that changed the way she acted and looked at things around her, forever.