About Me

Hello all! My name is Lealana Loiodice, most people know me as Lea, but if your adventuress feel free to pronouns all the vowels. I am from Long Island New York and am in the museums program with a focuses in management. My BA is in Anthropology from Stony Brook University. One of the highlights of my course work was when Richard Leaky (son of Lewis Leaky who discovered Lucy) taught one of my classes. While he spoke more about the occupational hazards of field work, because cause of his sun spots, than his past discoveries and current work, it was really an experience. He was probably being sponsored by copper tone or something.

I am very excited to be part of this program and to work with others who are so passionate about museums and its sub fields.  I am particularly interested in exploring the relationships between cultural groups, identity and museums. I am also very new to blogging, so this is also something I am looking forward to exploring.