After reading Siemens connectivism article; I felt he was throwing out a lot of complex information into a short article. Yet the theories and ideas he presented really do resonate within my own life, learning and the museum world. I found his metaphors relating technology and learning theories/methods challenging my un-technology based ideas of learning. I really enjoyed a couple aspects. First the comparison of technological networks (facebook, businesses etc) to how we learn was interesting; I really relate to the idea that all of out learning is affected by other people, times, events, etc and that some of these ties are greater or stronger than others. Secondly the theme of the article, connectivity, is not only prevalent in learning but in everyday life as well. I a big fan of chaos, and I feel that connectivity allows us to make sense of the chaos of our lives including learning. My life philosophy revolves around connectivism. Pocahontas said it best “we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends” (surprise there is meaning in disney movies :))!