This link is to the Amazon Page for the Book “Reinventing the Museum, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Paradigm Shift” by Gail Anderson. I found this book interesting because it shows the paradigm shift that has been occurring within museums over the past century. Museums have shifted from being inward-looking, collection centered museums to an audience responsive and community connected museum. Its a good resource because it shows museum professionals what has changed and how we should respond to the changes. Museums are becoming more and more about what the audience wants.

This link is to the Open Directory Project. It is an open source directory run by volunteers. It is a directory of the Web and has a vast amount of sites on it but what I focused on was the section on Museums. It has various different categories and each category contains a bunch of links. So if someone is interested in visiting a history museum or just wants more information, they can go to the history category and it lists a bunch of links to history museums. It also has a section on Museum Resources which is great because museum professionals could search this site to help them out on various issues. They have a site with archives of 18th and 19th century periodicals and also have sites with employment opportunities.

I found this video interesting and informative. As a student on the Registration track, seeing what a registrar does when they loan out a object helps me visualize what actually goes on instead of learning it in a class or reading in a book. It might not be very long but it does give some important information on how they pack an object and what they look for when doing a condition report. I found that this was a good resource for a new professional because it shows you what must be done to ensure the safety of the object.