AAM-Emerging Museum Professionals

AAM has created a network for professionals who have been in the field for less than 10 years. This site not only connects emerging professionals with each other, but provides quality resources and opportunities for professional development from this well-respected organization. One of the best tools I found was the regional groups, which are quite geographically quite large and sometimes limiting. Either way, it would be useful to network with young professionals who I could relate with in my own area. They also have a mailing list, listserv, and Facebook for more up-to-date regional information.


While this site is not museum specific, it helps many emerging museum professionals find jobs and internships in the field. Idealist has internships listed all over the United States and abroad, so it is easy to find an internship in your own area. Idealist has internships for all education levels and specific interests. Many emerging museum professionals are not set on what exactly they want to do in museums, so multiple and diverse internships are great for self-discovery and professional development and idealist is a great tool.


Museum-Ed is a discussion list for those interested in museum education. It is exciting to be able to connect with already established museum educators and have the ability to join in many conversations. This site also features relevant research, reports, links to blogs and sample educational programming. Like the AAM emerging museum professionals website, Museum-Ed includes professional development opportunities like webinars and workshops. They also have Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most up-to-date information.