Museum Resources

Hi everyone,

Below are a few resources I frequently consult:
This is a fabulous source for current controversy, new exhibitions, and general news in the art/museum world. The paper subscription is quite expensive, so I much prefer to get the headlines online (this is my homepage). There is a “museums” tab at the top of the page for specifically museum related news.

“Making Museums Matter,” Stephen Weil, Smithsonian Books, 2002.
This book is made up of various essays written by Stephen Weil. He discusses the museum’s role in preserving and displaying its collection to the public while also taking into consideration the problems museums face today (nazi era art, shift from collection to education, budget concerns, etc.) You may want to check out another book written by Weil, which I have not read yet: “A Cabinet of Curiosities: Inquiries into Museums and their Prospects,”Smithsonian Books, 1995.

“A Graveyard Preservation Primer,” Lynette Strangstad, American Association of State and Local History, 1995.
I know this sounds suspicious, but I am writing my thesis on historic graveyard preservation and this publication has been very helpful. This primer provides instructions on how to access a tombstone’s condition and properly clean it. You never know when your collection might have a tombstone in it. The Newark Museum, for example, has two full headstones and a few fragments in its collection!
I also frequent the Freer Sackler Museum’s website. If you are unfamiliar with the museum, it is the Smithsonian’s Museum of Asian Art located in D.C. I took a few classes in Asian Art when I was an undergrad and took field trips to the Museum multiple times. I think their website includes valuable information about the collection and seems user friendly. It also includes a “research” tab on the top right that talks about upcoming exhibitions, publications, etc.

I hope you guys find these helpful!