Resources – Blogs as Procrastination

I chose three different blogs as my resources because first of all they are constantly updated resources they aren’t a one time go like a book, and secondly they make a great (but useful!) procrastination tool during times of too much homework.

1.) Know Your Bone
Colleen keeps an interesting blog and though it’s not just centered on museums, it is centered on non-profits and engaging communities through social media and understanding today’s variety of demographics. If you’re bored some night her archive of blogs is definitely worth a go through.

2.) Thinking About Exhibits
Ed is a firm believer in informal learning and has been in our business for many years, He is always writing with interesting ideas or at the very least with very good insight.

3.) Center for the Future of Museums
The CFM is an offshoot of AAM and their blog never ceases to get my brain going and thinking about the future of museums, I guess that’s fitting right?

4) Exhibit Files
I’m definitely an exhibitions person and maybe that’s why I love this one but it’s a community blog for designers and developers.

Lastly, I’m including two links to somewhat defunct blogs that WERE/ARE super relevant to us as emerging professionals. Unfortunately, nobody has written on them in a while but the post archive includes a lot of really great posts about trying to be an emerging museum professional. Maybe I’ll see if I can contact somebody about restarting these blogs.