Resources-Gotta love Listservs (and books too)!

I subscribe to the listserv attached to this site and I find it incredibly helpful. Mostly, I just read the posts that other professionals e-mail to the listserv, but I have, on occasion, submitted a question to those great minds asking advice for who to contact for a class project or just to feel out the general consensus on an idea. They also post jobs, which will be handy in a few months. *gulp*

Another really useful listserv I subscribe to. There are some double postings between this and the RCAAM listserv, but the Museum L doesn’t just pertain to registrar concerns or problems. It’s great for just all-over museum issues.

Not sure if this counts or not, but I LOVE this book. I read it for a class project last semester and it was a wonderful read. This book talks about various museum controversies that have cropped up in the media over the last forty years. The author is not a museum professional, which I believe helps with the tone of the book. He looks at the controversy, how it came about and how it influenced the field, without any biases. He sometimes says that the public was out of line, sometimes the museum was. I think its a great book to read because you may be able to learn how to head off any controversy that might come up when you’re out there in the real world.