Nina Simon Our Green Trail link
I had a lot of fun checking out this project Nina Simon mentioned on pg 46 of her book. The Our Green Trail, created by the Boston Children’s Museum is a fun educational online extension of the museum’s exhibit that educates children about “green” behavior. I signed up to participate in the activity. After entering all my information into the online network, I was able to make a house in the neighborhood and start playing the game as the “Bump” family. However since it is a children’s museum I was supposed to have kids to participate- so my online family includes my husband and our two “kids” (cats Bella and Curry)… After taking a few challenges we were able to purchase a rain barrel with our earned points.
This is an excellent project and great way to keep visitors connected to the museum even after they have visited. As an online patron from another state I am able to connect to the exhibit without having ever visited the site. I am even planning to forward the site to my Brother-in-law in Oregon, who has 4 kids that would love playing on the site. This leads me to a question though… Can an institution give away too much online? Does this fulfilling online experience encourage me to visit to museum?