I don’t have a catalogue of museum resources as of yet, so I went to the Future of Museums site and explored their blog links. From there, found some more links on some of the other blogs, and here are some of my favorites. P.S. I read a lot of Nina Simon’s blog Museums 2.0 before I realized she wrote our book. It’s an awesome blog.

1. fresh + new(er)
I found this blog from the Power House Museum, a science and design museum in Sydney. They’re featured in a mashable.com article called “How tech is changing the museum exerience.’ (http://mashable.com/2011/09/14/high-tech-museums/) The blog talks about the apps they are developing to navigate their exhibits, as well as apps of walking tour of their area (including one devoted to historic pubs), and my personal favorite, a site that compiles free/cheap programs happening in local museums, sports, and recreational facilities. They were commissioned by the local government, because the individual websites didn’t note other activities and these activities were buried in local ‘what to do’ lists.
2. Sustainable Museums


This is my Pacific Northwest roots coming out. Written by Sarah Brophy, author of The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Practice, it’s a good resource because it’s full of links and book reviews. Museums need to be a part of the green movement because sustainability needs to be a part of every kind institution, especially those that aim to improve their visitor’s lives.

3. Prerogative of Harlots


I just enjoyed this one. I started reading it because I loved the title, I kept reading it because it covers a wide range of issues, from digitization, to display, to funding.