3 Resources

The three resources I use are as follows:
1) http://gizmodo.com/. While it’s not specific to museums it is a great tech review, even for those who are not tech savvy (like me). It had great article about how the Egyptian Gov cut the communication cables during the protest. It even had a chart! It explains things really well and helps you to get a better understanding of how equipment, concepts and programs work.

2) http://richardlouv.com/. Richard Louv is an author who explores the concept of “Nature deficit”. His work promotes reconnecting with nature and how it can be renewing to the mind and body. He especially focuses on children and education.

3) http://www.jason.org/public/whatis/start.aspx . This organization promotes the use of science and education with tech. In a way it connects 1 & 2 using the latest tech gear and issues to get outside in nature and explore, learn and reconnect. It is often matched with cutting edge science research.