Maker Faire!

I went to maker fest on saturday and it was AWESOME!!! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect except that I am subscribed to dungeon master’s twitter and I found a link to maker fest’s twitter!/makerfaire so I clicked and I found random links to stuff about it like this (he moves his wings with his fingers!)- and i actually found him! I got to take a picture with him!-

Sarah and I also made a video recording that turns into an app for a phone but it’s all a little too confusing for me (since I’m not the most technologically advanced) and I couldn’t really figure it out, but it sounds like it would be awesome!

I also really liked the water swing. You think that you are going to get wet but you don’t (unless you don’t time it right and then you might yet wet, or you fall off). It’s what Sarah and I made our app about.

water swing!