NETFLIX/QWIKSTER say what?!?!?

Technology is taking a new leap. So I got an email at 5:30 this morning. It was from the CEO of Netflix apologizing. I was confused, thinking… what does he have to apologize for? Yes, I realize prizes have gone up but I’ve stuck through it because I like streaming but not all the movies are streaming and I like all the new movies (and there is no redbox near me). Anyway, this email starts off with..

“Dear Corene,

I messed up. I owe you an explanation.

It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology. Let me explain what we are doing…

…Qwikster will be the same website and DVD service that everyone is used to. It is just a new name, and DVD members will go to to access their DVD queues and choose movies. One improvement we will make at launch is to add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Members have been asking for video games for many years, but now that DVD by mail has its own team, we are finally getting it done. Other improvements will follow. A negative of the renaming and separation is that the and websites will not be integrated.

There are no pricing changes (we’re done with that!). If you subscribe to both services you will have two entries on your credit card statement, one for Qwikster and one for Netflix. The total will be the same as your current charges. We will let you know in a few weeks when the website is up and ready.”

There’s more to my email than that but since a lot of us are talking about Netflix because of our book and this is all about technology, I realized that streaming really is the next step. And it was a little ironic that as we are talking about it so much this huge change is happening.

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts (though I dont know if anyone will actually read this before class tonight)
here’s a little news blurb about it