Assignments for this Week

Hello Thanks for your patience!

Assignments for this week (I will amend etherpad syllabus)

1. Finish Participatory Museum

2. Exhibit Redesign: Please choose a current/past museum exhibit that you have seen or studied and remix the exhibit with a participatory element. This participatory can be technology enabled or not, bt should be informed by the way social media and social technology has changed what visitors/users expect from experiences. Feel free to “dream big” worry less about logistics and more about a vision. The way you present this remixed/redesigned exhibit can be in any presentation medium you choose. You can choose text/images/presentation/sketches/video. The rule of thumb if text is less then two pages. I have opted to have you email me your work instead of posting it to the blog and i feed back ditectlt to you. I will then find a way to currate and share with class. This will be due Monday September 26th.

3. I have tabled a reflective blog post to Simon book until after the 26th. I will update you soon on how that will operate.

4. Visit Pace Gallery’s Social Media exhibition before September 28th. I am canceling our class session Monday the 26th to compensate your time to visit and complete the assignments.

Here is a link to the gallery:

I will be crafting an assignment to go along with the gallery visit soon, stay tuned.