Pace Gallery

I would like to share with you some links and photos that I’ve taken at pace gallery.

I think that “Social Media” exhibition was pretty impressive since its focus was on contemporary artists exploring peoples platforms for social media networks.

Here are the links and Pics:

1.”Penelope Umbrico “ People in front of sunset”:-

A link above is about the video interviews with the artist participating in “Social Media Exhibition ” you can find Penelope Umbrico’s interview about the photo collection she represented.

Her photos were peoples pictures taken during a sunset . But most importantly this pictures were gathered from one of the photography web-site and tagged by different blog users.

2 . Photos and link about the article of David Bryans “Democracy in Action”.

It was very entertaining and at the same time very social and thoughtful. a photos of Parliamentarians displayed as a slideshow on a frame shaped monitors who were catch in a moment of fighting and arguing with each other. All of the pictures were from different countries.

Link :