How inappropriate is too inappropriate?

In the second half of Simon’s reading she talks about removing inappropriate content from museum exhibitions and how some are even automatically replacing curse words with words like “love” and “puppies” (which is really cute and smart, I think). Anyway, I looked on Postsecret this morning to see a picture of this-

and some very angry comments followed.
like this one-
STOP putting naked pictures on the blog! I don’t care if it’s an actual postcard! Some of us are referring young people to this blog to HELP them – not scar them more with an abrupt naked picture.

but then you have nice rational people-
what does it say about us that this realistic (and i think beautiful) picture of a female body part could “scar” us?

(someone even tweeted!)
The honesty and controversy in your project has always impassioned me. But there is a line. And you crossed that line today.

I just found it quite ironic because in Simon’s book she uses Postsecret as a source of appropriate content and now this is going on in this website over a naked picture. (She talks about it on page 224 of the book if you want to look at it)

I would (and still can) bring this up in class but the pictures on PS change on sunday at midnight so it will be gone by the time we have class.

so if I were to ask a question it would be- do you think a line was crossed with this picture? I follow postsecret and they have pictures and secrets that are somewhat controversial so I don’t see a problem with it, though I don’t know if I have ever seen an actual vagina before on postsecret. But I would like to know if anyone feels differently about this.