The Participatory Museum Reflection Docs.

It’s Amazing How much I’ve learned after reading the book of Nina Simon. It made me realize how adventurous and amaizing a Museum world can be if there will be a lot of collaborative works between Visitors ,Museum Professionals and Artists.

I would like to post reflecting documents of a Participatory Museum that I’ve gathered and researched during my recent visit at Pace Gallery. I think they kind of reflect of how collaborative and adventurous are peoples participation in exhibitions.

I thought the result of collaborative exhibition is excellent just like the author of the book mentions :” The best participatory experiences are not wide open. They are scaffold to help people feel comfortable engaging in the activity. There are many ways to scaffold experiences without prescribing the result”.

So here are the examples of it from “Social Media Exhibition”

1. Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar “We Feel Fine”

This is a project about a computer program that measures the “emotional temperature” of people around the world in a real time by gathering sentences containing the phrase “I feel” or “I am Feeling” from newly posted blogs. An artist Jonathan Harris mentions in his interview about explaining his work that there are a lot of differences between people but all of them are similar when it comes to need of expressing their thoughts and emotions.
Here is a very interesting Video of Jonathan Harris Interview:

Here is the Computer Program “We Feel Fine” Link

2. Here are the two Photos that I liked from a Photo Collection of Jonathan Harris.This are pics of different people reflecting different thoughts gathered from social web sites.