The Pace Gallery’s exhibit of Social Media was very interesting. I down loaded (or uploaded depending on how you look at life) the QR app so that I could interact with the exhibit. As I was scanning them a man next to me asked “oh do they really work I don’t do that stuff”. I found this funny and appropriate for the setting. What I found most fascinating is the “emotional temperature” explored by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvarthat. It is often assumed that social media is a positive way to connect with others, finding commonalities to then reconnect and explore. However some of their work displayed a slightly negative and introverted nature by the participants. There was one chart that showed the majority of people “felt Better” or “bad” rather than good or ok.

I wasn’t too keen on the other work by Harris. Especially his piece on the Lesbian porn stars. I found it ironic that the press release provided by the gallery said it was an “intimate exploration”. I understand what they were going for I still find it ironic. I felt that this instillation particular is similar to the question raised in the postsecret question. What is appropriate? It really is about content in context.

I really enjoyed Penelope Umbrico. Now her work was a really intimate look at the occurrences as a result of internet interaction.

And this is awsome…………