So I did some further research about the High Line. The globe at the Pace gallery called “Tight Spot” was viewable from the platform. The artist voice was also at such a debacle that it created a vibration on the tracks. Very much a surprises to visitors! This is an article about it from the High Line website:

There is also a public art installation by Julianna Swartz called “Digital Empathy”. The artist explores how humans connect emotionally through social medial. Exactly what we disscussed tonight.

There is also an ongoing public art project that that occurs nightly starting at 6pm. Since we have off next Monday and that show starts at the same time we would have class if anyone would like to meet up and explore the space let me know. I am going to go and check it out. Unfortunately the beer garden has closed but there are a lot of neat little spots to check out for food either way.