(AVAM) One of the Best Museums ever :)

Hello All

I wanted to share my resources about Visionary Art Museum. I was very impressed by visiting this Museum and I think its wonderful in a way of its unique existence. As Amy mentioned in her blog post we went there while our visit to Baltiomore at MAAM meeting.

Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) was founded by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger in 1995. As I researched more about the history of a museum I discovered the inspiration and great humanity hidden under a history of it’s establishment.

Ms. Rebecca was working in the development department of Sinai Hospital’s (Baltimore) . A program geared toward aiding psychiatric patients in their return to the community and was called People Encouraging People. Just like that Ms. Rebecca began to develop the idea for a visionary museum, an idea that eventually blossomed into the American Visionary Art Museum. Therefore ,Ms. Hoffberger was interested in the artwork created by the patients in the People Encouraging People program, and found herself impressed with their imagination and looking to their strengths, not their illnesses.

Art Museum refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an inner personal vision that revels foremost in the incredibly creative art.

The collections and exhibitions are one of the most impressive and incredible that I’ve ever seen.
I would like to post some pictures from a current exhibition and also from a collection with brief notes.

Please check if you’re interested the following Links:

Permanent collection:


Here are the pictures

Link about Paul Lancaster : http://www.greyart.com/lancaster_bio.htm