More Recourses From Visionary Art Museum

Giant whirligig by Vollis Simpson. He is a craftsman of brightly painted metal art.

This is a pic and a Video of a giant whirligig outdoor sculptur part of AVAM collection.

A Huge Bird’s Nest on the wall and a Musical Instrument Sculpture.

A nice shiny bus “parked ”near the entrance:))

Adam Kurtzman’s 11-foot golden Divine Hand

Andrew Logan’s 8-foot Cosmic Galaxy Egg.

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein “Out Of This World”. This Artist let his imagination go as far as possible and he was creating images which are amazing , dimensional and reveal the world that we have not seen before.

Untitled (Seven Panels) by James Franklin Snodgrass, c.1990-94 from the Permanent Collection Gallery.

Dick Brown’s mosaic Bluebird of Happiness;