Monday's class: Let's get Mobile!

Monday begins our two week look at mobile technology in Museum settings. A few notes:

  • This will be a heavily suggested “Bring Your Own Laptop Session” we don’t explicitly have a task to do on them but we will be using a “back channel” for text based discussion as we watch some media. Smartphones with browsers can work too.
  • How many of you have Android based smartphones? Please answer here. If we have at least three I may be able to do an activity with the class.
  • I will be assigning some academic readings for this week (you have been warned). You will need to read one of the two. NOT needed to be read by Monday’s class. If you want to get a jump here is the link to one of them:

And the second one is attached to this post. (You may remember reading about the mobile game Ego-Trap Participatory Museum)

ego trap