improv in museums

Here’s a fun video to watch but a real question to go along with it.

I follow a museum tumblr and I came across this funny video. It’s from about seven months ago so I’m not sure if this painting of King Phillip IV is still up in the MET but this man dressed up as the king and signed autographs as King Phillip IV. He wasn’t doing anyone any harm, but the museum still had an issue with him and ended up making them leave. People were enjoying “the king” being there so why not let him stay? Or is that not what museums are meant for? Watching this video I personally found it was entertaining and they weren’t doing anyone any disservice. They weren’t harming the works of art. I felt like they had just as much right to be there as anyone else. Though technically their mission was to cause a scene. I feel like I could almost argue that they were just trying to participate in the museum experience. Another thought- Wouldn’t it have been fun if the museum have thought of it themselves and they could have had their own King Phillip IV and made an event of it? yes? no? It would definitely be participatory!
It’s also a little ridiculous to me that some of these people didn’t realize that this wasn’t the actual King Phillip IV.