Museum Websites for Kids- Whitney Museum of American Art

My midterm project compared the ways different kinds of museums (art, science, children’s, etc.) created, presented and used their websites. (Check out the Prezi I posted to the blog a while back if you’re interested!). Since then, I came across the Whitney Museum’s “ForKids” website, which I think is a great example of an art museum adopting strategies that children’s museums use to reach a broader audience. The ForKids website has all the bright colors and fun interactives you would expect from a children’s museum website, as well as great instructional material to help kids relate to the art. While most of the art museum websites I looked at for my midterm had children’s resources for use in the museum itself, this is the first I’ve come across that has a website specifically dedicated to children’s interaction online. I think it’s worth a look if you’ve got time!