mobile app number 2

I went to the American Museum of Natural History with Amy, Melanie, and Anna. But my difference was that I had my iphone 4 with me so I downloaded the app on my own (and had fully charged my phone). The difference in having my own phone and being able to download the apps on my own is that there are actually four different apps. But three of the apps just go with three exhibits (one which isn’t open yet). The four apps are dinosaurs, cosmic, explorer, and beyond.

Beyond is the one that isn’t open yet and I want to go back when it does open because it looks really fun because you use your camera to activate the images and share them with friends. But beyond that (haha) I really don’t know anything else about it. So I will be going back to use it, It opens on the 19th.

The Cosmic app is a mosaic that is really interesting. I wasn’t really sure how to use it or how it or if it interacts with the museum and didn’t really have enough time to figure it all out but I really like the idea. You double tap it and it gives you an image within the image and then gives you info about it. People can leave comments about it and you can even leave a comment. You can then send the picture in an email to a friend. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I was a little more excited than I should have been when I was looking at this and figuring it out. There was one picture and one of the comments on it was something like- dude im a girl but this is awesome and i love science!!!

The Dinosaurs app was a mosaic as well and was basically the same thing but just with dinosaur related things. Still super cool. It also had stories about specific dinosaurs, like the T-Rex. And it gives you extras such as the itunes podcast. The podcast episodes are free but have nothing to do with dinos but i have gotten sucked into them and downloaded some of them. oh, amnh you are sneaky…

But back to the one main app that everyone gets that is important and that we actually use yesterday. It’s called Explorer. You click it and it gives you a directory, a map, a bookmark button, and info. If you click on the directory you can find exhibits, get museum tours, find food and shops, and find restrooms and exits. If you go to the find exhibits you can go to either the popular, by hall, or a-z. Then you click on the object and it gives you the directions and info about it. THEN! when you click on the info you can say that you’ve visited it, you can bookmark it as one of your favorite places, AND you can SHARE IT! via twitter or facebook! which I did. (you have to sign into your account through it so I didn’t do my facebook cuz I’m always suspicious of it getting hacked, but i did my twitter). I love this museum and this idea so I tweeted six of these and here is an example of what it puts on your twitter (I added the Easter island head part). And click on the link and it sends you to the site that tells you ALL about the head, it’s awesome!
Look what I found at the American Museum of Natural History! Easter island head!!!

I think it is all REALLY well done. Random fun fact, on the weekends you get to go into the brain room and play with (fake) brains and so I got to pick up a brain of people who no longer exist. It was in the same exhibit with Lucy, which we found with the help of our mobile app. Fun stuff! Look at all this interacting!

Definitely way better than the American Indian Museum in my opinion. And I really liked the mobile app/apps. Even though the one that they give you at the front desk one only gives you the explorer one 😦