I decided to go to the AMNH and the MOMA. At the AMNH i decided to download the dinosaur app which I thought was very cool. It was basically a mosaic that you could zoom in on to learn more about the picture. You could also find stories about specific dinosaurs. This was very helpful when I wanted to know a little more about a certain type of dinosaur that I found interesting. Although it was a very cool app I didn’t see many people using it or it adding anything to the experience other than more info than they could put on the label. They also added some podcasts that were somewhat interesting.

At MOMA I found their app to be an audio tour that you could use from your phone instead of an audio wand. However like Kate I found the Wi-fi to be finicky at best so the app was somewhat frustrating to use. Overall I found the AMNH app to be very helpful if you wanted more info but not very fun or interact. I would have loved a dinosaur based detective app or something like that. The MOMA app was pretty much a flop for me due to difficulty keeping connected to the wi-fi.