Museum mobile app reviews

So I went to the American Museum of Natural History and MOMA. Their apps are very different! The app for AMNH is for the iphone and we were able to get itouch at the front desk easily with a wait and a charge of $50 deposit. I think the 50 is a bit excessive I imagine there must be a better way to get people back to return the device. Some people do not have a credit card and $50 available all the time.
We found out more info on specific objects and animals through the app. For example, a huge male mosquito was made to educate New York about the spread of malaria in like 1917, when females are the only ones that bite! I went with a group and it actually sparked some conversation, I wanted to share what it said and talk with others about things on exhibit. However I think there should be more things on the app, some rooms only have one important thing and others are just on the map. There is only one to two sentences, but it is nice because I don’t want to stare at the app longer than the real artifact. The map was very badly labeled but it could pinpoint your location and lead you to other exhibits step by step. I wish it gave the ending location of the exhibit so you can decide if you want to follow the directions because it’s not far or if it is on 4th floor and you are on 1st. Also it was cool you can post to twitter or facebook and bookmark and exhibit and email it to yourself, it didn’t work very well for me. All of us also were low battery after an hour and half and had to go back and wait again to get another itouch. Battery life is important!
The MOMA app has a better labeled map but you had to look around to find it. I like that you can hear some of the artists talk about their work. They had an immense amount of text it seemed. You can type in the number and the audio comes up for the work. Or select where you are and find the content. It was easy to use. A little boring though and definitely too much text.