Audio Tour Narrated By Kids, For Kids- Getty Museum.

Looks like the Getty’s got a great audio tour! The tour was narrated by kids, for kids, in an effort to help young ‘uns engage in the museum more fully. While this isn’t an app, it is downloadable to iTouch for free at the Getty. The audio tour provides a new level at which children can interact with the art, as cartoon voices speak for characters in the art, and real children’s reactions (not child actors) are recorded to go along with the narrative. Even though I’m not exactly the target demographic for this audiotour, it sounds like something I’d like to use! What do y’all think? I feel like the audio tour was definitely participatory for the children who helped create it, but what about the kids using the tour in the museum? Is it still participatory if there’s not an active or touch-centered app to go along with the audio tour?