Mall Museum?!?

A few weeks ago, while shopping at Woodbridge mall and thinking absolutely zero thoughts about museums, I found myself confronted not with early-onset Christmas decorations (this was before Halloween, after all), but with curious banners announcing the Woodbridge Museum of the Future:
Being a Museum Professions student I dragged my reluctant actress roommate (and a not-so-reluctant fellow Museum student Cori) to the museum, which was located in a normal mall-sized store along the upper floor (next to JC Penny’s). The museum is funded by the township of Woodbridge, and its to promote sustainable energy and environmentally conscious choices. It’s exactly what I would have imagined from a grass roots museum tucked away in a shopping mall- its construction is hand-crafted, it pretty obviously didn’t have any sort of curation or exhibition design plan going on, but it was INCREDIBLY interactive. When we spoke with the lone gentleman manning the entrance (free admission, thank you very much!) he explained to us that while the target audience was children, they had visitors of all ages come in. I wouldn’t call it a particularly well done museum, but I LOVED the idea of placing a museum-type attraction in the middle of a shopping mall- traditionally the last place you would expect to find a bastion of education. Since the museum was so participatory in nature (experiments, soil samples, and sun lamps abounded), I could see how it would be a great place to take kids who had been wearied by excessive shopping and were in want of some interactive play. Below are some photos I took of the exhibit, as well as the museum’s website. What do you think of this odd sort of museum?