Some updates


1. Everyone has earned a midterm badge. Thank you, great work! I will be posting a public list of the badges earned, adding them to your sashes and providing some feedback soon. I am a bit behind from my work trip to London.

2. I also will have a new round of non-midterm badges that will post early next week.

3. I have been following the mobile conversations around the articles and the field trips. Wow, you all are really doing some great sharing and thinking. A real vibrant conversation. As the Dungeon Master it is fascinating to see views evolve and solidify.

4. We will definitely spend some time discussing mobiles again Monday but now in context of the theoretical (the articles and online discussion) and the practical (your trips and discussion). It would be helpful to ensure that we have an active, engaging and multi-voiced conversation if you revisit/skim the blog conversations and find some interesting or salient points/ideas from the discussion.