Midterm Badges

Here are the midterm badges everyone earned. Exceptional work. Many of you did not post the work to the blog, which was fine. But upon reading, viewing and interacting with it I think not sharing is a diservice to each other. Perhaps these could be collected as a sidebar resource. There is a The Aggregator or Collaborative Teammate badge in that task if someone wants to take it on. Contact me.

Melanie O Wordsmith
Cori Wordsmith
Abby Innovation Incubator
Stephanie Multimedia Documentarian
Erin Multimedia Documentarian
Anna Wordsmith
Amy Wordsmith
John Wordsmith
Melanie B Wordsmith
Sarah Innovation Incubator
Justin The Aggregator
Allyson Wordsmith
Lealana Wordsmith
Katie Wordsmith
Valerie Wordsmith
Kelsey Innovation Incubator
Pam Intellectual Social Butterfly