who’s excited?!

for the new museum that has opened this week! Crystal Bridges American Art Museum is going to be awesome (though I know some people are calling it the walmart museum). sadly its in arkansas but I’m super excited. (im going to see it in january, unless we want to take a field trip! 😉 It has awesome artwork though, sadly they aren’t super up on the digital stuff yet since it just opened two days ago, though they do have a fb and twitter page (both of which i follow)! and a cute little video when you get on their website. Anyway, I just thought I would share because I’m super excited about this new museum and it’s supposed to rock the socks off some other museums because it cost a billion dollars to build and has a billion dollars of art in it. I know some people are against the museum because of the whole walmart thing but I love this museum. If you want to look into it…