A Pirate Patch Badge!? 

As you obviously know I have been experimenting with badges as a way to access learning, spark motivation and innovate a student based approach to learning in this course. Always open to feedback. This has been in parallel with some initiatives and ideas that are being had a national level. The annual HASTAC digital media learning competition this year is all about badges. They just announced the round one proposals which you can read here:


But as I was scrolling through the submissions who do I spy? SETON HALL! They put in a proposal to do the Pirate Patch Badge which would be a freshman orientation tool. Read about it here:


So now you know you were innovating out in front of what your University was conceiving of!

Here are their stated objectives for the badge:

Pirate Patch encompasses a comprehensive digital badge program to foster student engagement, enhance student development and produce graduates empowered for lifetime learning. The program focuses on the following outcomes:

Enhance student engagement, from recruitment through graduation, in academics and campus culture;
Enhance student outcomes in terms of retention, graduation and employment;
Increase alumni engagement;
Create robust community partnerships that will promote badges as an emerging standard of achievement by employers.