Hey guys just wanted to remind you about the whole SOPA/PIPA bills that I mentioned earlier in the blog. This is still a huge issue in Congress. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other big name sites have been hard at work trying to shoot down these bills. Yahoo even resigned from the US Chamber of Commerce over it and others sites are threatening to do the same. Some congressmen are planning to filibuster the vote by reading over a million names of individuals that oppose the bill. Although you guys might not think anything of it right now, it can easily destroy the internet and the internet could end up looking like China’s internet. We could have a Great Firewall just like them. Do we really want to follow in the footsteps of a communist nation. We are a democracy and we all have freedom to do what we want. So please take another look at my previous blog post to get a better understanding of what this could do to the internet. Also if you would like to get involved there are two more sites that I found that you can use to stop this bill.

Each of them give you a way to contact your senator:



So please try to do something. THANKS!