Update on second half of course
Final project paragraph proposals are due 11/3 to Chris via email. These are projects that explore a course theme in either written, multi-media or project form. Can be group or individual. Groups need only submit one paragraph for team. Chris will feedback at this time if he sees a problem or needs to suggest correction, or if ask a direct question.
Mobile In Museums:
Due Dates:
Thursday 10/27 read 1 of 2 assigned articles and respond on thread that Chris will create. Click here for links to reading
Between 10/26 and 11/7 please vist at least two museums with mobile app/web programs. Post a response (written or multi-media) as blog post by 11/7. Please reflect on the experience critically and suggest revisions.
See Melanie O’s excellent blog post for details.
NOTE: No class on 10/31
NOTE: No class on 11/7
(Note there will be limited assignments the week of 11/7. This is a good chance to catch up on missed assignments and work on related badges to set yourself up for the “A” by having only the final Project badge to earn. Should have at least plan to have three badges in place)
Technology in Museum Exhibits: Annoying or essential? Ways forward in technology integration in museums
Class on 11/14 To screen or not to screen
  • Examine the work of Jim Spadaccini and Open Exhibits
  • Debate: Screens or no screens (before class you will be asked to take a position on screen interactives in exhibitions, we will divide and debate)
  • Introduction of following weeks activity:  Paper Prototyping a museum interactive
NOTE: No Physical Class 11/21 Visiting some Online exhibits will be assigned, details to come.
Class on 11/28
  • Teams will assemble and present paper prototypes museum interactives using construction paper/glue/scissors/markers/glitter/whatever
Technology as distance learning tool: Broadcasting your mission

 12/5 Why Distance Learning

12/12 Final Projects Due/Class presentations

12/19 All Work turned in




Seton Hall University
Facilitator/Content Dungeon Master : Chris Lawrence 
Department of Art, Music & Design MA Program in Museum Professions
ARMS 7005
Fall 20011
Time: Monday 6:15-8:25pm
Fahy 303
Cell: (718) 757-0843 (texts accepted)
Office Hours: Monday 5:00-6:00 PM
Course Description
Information technologies have prompted museums to rethink the ways in which they manage, educate and exhibit their collections. Just as agencies, corporations and universities reinvent themselves in response to ongoing technological change and innovation, museums seek to meet these challenges in creative ways.
How do museums choose website designs? What resources are necessary to achieve a digital appearance that matches the mission of an institution? Why do some museums hesitate to make their holdings available online even though new technologies have greatly facilitated such endeavors? Do virtual exhibitions attract larger audiences or will online museum experiences one day substitute actual attendance altogether? Do social networking technologies lead to more diversified audiences or do such endeavors amount to mere window-dressing? Mobile? Apps? Only a sampling of questions unearthed in our digital evolution.
This course explores the institutional impact of technology – here broadly defined as the “practical application of knowledge” – in different areas of museum practice. Issues to be covered include: digital art, museum architecture, the role of electronic accoutrements and kiosks, virtual exhibitions, museums on the web, web-based museums, online educational initiatives, museum retail operations, as well as the broader impact of technology on museum practice across cultural and national boundaries.
Course Objectives
  •  Explore may facets of technology and museums
  •  Enage in discussions and collabarorations of technology and museums
  •  Prototype ideas/designs about of technology and museums
  •  Explore how technology and “the digital age” is changing how we think, act and      practice as museum professionals

Course Details Quarter 1

Session 1: (Monday, 8/29 6:15-8:25pm) Analog, Digital, who cares? Technology is just tool, a dynamic tool yes, but still one of many in the box.

Greetings and Introductions (Ourselves & Our ideas in 140 Characters or less)
Hack the Dance
Technology in our lives
Future Museums
Course details and discussion

Assignments for next session:

Via email invite log-in to the Digitally Connected course blog. Create profile and craft “About Me” blog entry (medium/media your call.)
Read George Siemens’ Connectivism: A Learning Theory for a Digital Age http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/connectivism.htm and and write a summary/response/reflection as a blog post on the Digitally Connected blog. Please also read and reflect on your classmates posts. Conversation is good! (All postings by need to be submitted by 11pm Wednesday 9/7)
Choose second Siemens’ article on http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/index.htm and and write 140 character summary as a “status update” on Digitally Connected blog (the blog). Feel free to interact.
Read preface from Simon’s The Participatory Museum

Monday, 9/6 No Class: Labor Day

Session 2: (Monday, 9/12 6:15-8:25pm) Connectivism, a Learning theory for the 21st Century?

Reading: George Siemens’ Connectivism: A Learning Theory for a Digital Age; Second Siemens article of student’s choosing.

How do learning theories inform us as museum professionals?
Discussion of main article
Crowd sourcing Siemens
How can we build a Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) with this course and the blog?
Applications in Museums: 21st Century skills or just good ole’ common sense?
Intro to Nina Simon book

Assignments for next session:

Share a at least 3 resources (with links) that are relevant to you as emerging museum professional with short annotations/explenations on the blog as a post.
Read Chapters 1 through 5 in Simon. Will post open thread on blog for discussion.
Follow a resource path Simon provides and investigate the highlighted project/resource. Please post which one you investigated with links, share something about it. Use the Simon thread on the blog, post as a comment on that thread.
Suggested reading, Sketching a Future for Brooklyn Museum: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/arts/design/08museum.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=brooklyn%20museum&st=cse We will be reading this in class on 9/19, but you may want to prepare by reading once previous to session 3.
Suggested: Visit the Brooklyn Museum, or explore their various online spaces http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/

Session 3: (Monday, 9/19 6:15-8:25pm) The Participatory Museum: Applying a Social Web schema to museums

Readings: Simon The Participatory Museum chapters 1-5

Assignment report out
Simon Discussion
Socratic Seminar: Sketching a Future for Brooklyn Museum: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/arts/design/08museum.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=brooklyn%20museum&st=cse

Assignments for next session:

One-page exhibit redesign concept. Take a current exhibit, exhibition or museum program and redesign it to include the types of participation methods Simon discusses in her book. Post on the blog 9/26.
Finish Simon
Post reflection document about your thoughts reflecting on The Participatory Museum