Siemens’ article on connectivisim

Additional Siemens’ articles

“Connectivism” based ideas about addressing job crisis from LinkedIn CEO

Archiving Thoughts – Museums, the Internet & the Nature of Knowledge (relates to Seimens’ article)


5 Mind Blowing Things Crowds Do Better Than Experts (Comedic tangent to Simon’s crowdsourcing discussions)

5 Ways Museums are Reaching Digital Audiences (includes 5 museum you can visit without leaving your computer)

12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers

Barnes Foundation – Outsmarting Albert Barnes

Happy ending, Partly, In a 13-Year-Old Theft in Bolivia

Helping the Modern Get Over Itself (About exhibition tendencies of MOMA)

IPhone App Brings Roman London to Life (Interesting prospect for adding immersion to any museum)

Kansas Museum to Feature Virtual Storyteller (Performance programming like Simon mentions)

Nat’l Gallery Visitor Attacks Paintings – (Example of the wrong types of participation)

New Museums in the Middle East – Interviews with famous architects who are building in Doha & Abu Dhabi

New Report Published on Engagement in Museums & Galleries (Failed museum participation)

Recent Art Thefts in North America

Science Museums Are Failing Grown-Ups

Struggling Museum Now Allowing Patrons to Touch Paintings (Humorous FAKE article from The Onion),2821/

To Charge or What to Charge (On museums increasing admissions and suggested donations & related article)

Too Rude To show? Facebook’s Nudity ban Often Falls Afoul of Art Groups

Why the Frick Rocks for College Students (About free college night)


Nina Simon – Resource Paths

“Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition” – Brooklyn Museum

Free2Choose at the Anne Frank Museum

Human Library

I Like Museums

Interactive Exhibits -Chapter 3, Ontario Science Center’s exhibit, Facing Mars

Mining the Museum – Fred Wilson

Netflix and creating rating/recommendations systems with algorithms

Object-Rich Theatre at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Odditoreum – Powerhouse Museum

Our Green Trail


Post Secret

1000 Awesome Things (similar idea to Post Secret in that it is user-generated content)

StumbleUpon (as relates to Pandora/Netflix and user-generated rating and selection) – Random webpage generator

World Without Oil Game – Ch. 4

Real life application of a game that used a crowd to solve a complex problem. (Relates to World Without Oil)

Brooklyn Museum Discussion

Brooklyn Museum

Skateboarding Exhibition at the Smithsonian Vs. Star Wars at Brooklyn

Sketching a Future for Brooklyn Museum

St. Pete Museum of History traveling exhibition – Wizard of Oz


3 Commandments for the Next Online Content Leaders (talks of technology and positions of authority)

AAM – Emerging Museum Professionals (Networking site for upcoming museum professionals, THAT’S US!)

AAM – Resources for dealing with stolen/misplaced/ misappropriated art during the Nazi-Era

Art In Odd Places – Festival in NYC

Art Newspaper

ArtsJournal – Arts, Culture, Ideas

Aviso – AAM’s job-posting site

Badge Systems for Education

Bank of America’s Museum Program

Barnes Foundation & Movie “The Art of the Steal) – Looks at the changing nature of the modern museum

Conserve O’ Gram (NPS leaflets about registration and collections management)

Creation Museum

Cultural Access Network of New Jersey (provides resources in accessibility to arts and culture institutions)

Dead Sea Scrolls Digitization

Fake Smithsonian Historically Hardcore advertising campaign

Freer Sackler Museum Website – In the Smithsonian Museum of Asian Art, D.C.

Game – Science Museum of London’s Launch Ball

Game – National Media Museum’s Media Mayhem

Gizmodo – Technology Review with helpful articles

How Technology is Change the Museum Experience

ICOM (International Council of Museums, includes webpage about Cultural Tourism)

Idealist (Excellent job search site for non-profit orgs)

Informal Science (Contains posts about informal science learning in institutions)

Instagram (Photo sharing website for the IPhone)

Jason Project – Organization promotes the use of science & education to promote reconnecting with nature

Let’s Move! (Initiative to get Museums & Gardens involved in the cause against childhood obesity)

Maker Faire

Metropolitan Museum of Art – NEW WEBSITE and RESOURCES

Mused for Iphone App – Helps you find museums nearby

Museum Ed – (Had various resources for Museum Education)

Museum L  – Listerv

Museum of Interesting Things (Curator Denny Daniel was at Maker Faire 2011)

Museum of Me – Create and explore a visual archive of your social life (is this like a real museum?)

National Constitution Center Exhibition “Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs” (Similar to Simon’s Poll example)

National Preservation Society (Seminar in Cemetery Preservation and more)

New Mexico Association of Museums – (Has resources for collection care, exhibition material sources, etc.)

Open Directory Project – Museums (Categories with sites and resources about museums)

Pace Gallery – Social Media Exhibition

RCAAM Listserv – Registrar’s Commitee of AAM

Richard Louv – author who explore “Nature Deficit”, promotes reconnecting with nature

September 11: Teaching Contemporary History (Smithsonian conference postings online)

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Includes a page related to issues with art in Nazi Germany)

What’s That Bug? (Help for identifying critters having lunch in our exhibitions)


Center for the Future of Museums – AAM

Colleen Dilen – Know Your Bone (On non-profits & engaging communities through social media)

Electronic Museum – Musings about electronic culture

Exhibit Files (Community blog for exhibition designers and developers)

George Siemens – ELearnSpace

Herbert Art Museum & Gallery

Hive @ World Maker Faire

MadaMuseo – Pam Schwartz’s personal/professional blog

Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums

Mused – Blog for the Iphone App

Muse-ologist – exhibition news & reviews

Museos Unite (Uniting museums professionals – outdated, but good archives)

Nina Simon – Museum 2.0 (Author of our text)

Prerogative of Harlots – About museum and collections, and a little paleontology

Post Secret (related to Nina Simon’s Resource Paths)

Power House Museums (Science & Design Museum in Sydney, Australia)

Sustainable Museums – Sarah Brophy, a primer on environmental practice in museums

Thinking About Exhibits (Interesting ideas and thoughts on exhibitions)

Young Museums Professionals (outdated, but great archives)

1000 Awesome Things (similar to Post Secret from Nina Simon’s Resource Paths)


10 Bizarre Museums

Let’s Move! (Initiative to get Museums & Gardens involved in the cause against childhood obesity)

Museum of Obsolete Objects

Museum of Me – Intel

Museum of Interesting Things: Denny Daniel (was at the 2011 Maker Faire)

NuV-Host – Fully Interactive Virtual Mannequin (Maybe this isn’t too far in the future?)

Pinky Show on Museums

Preparing Art to Go On Loan: Jan Gossaert’s Self-Portrait (Shows process of loaning out an artifact)

Stephen Colbert’s Attempt to Get His Portrait in the Smithsonian–1–2–3


Chris Larry (that’s our prof!) @chrislarry33

George Siemens @gsiemens

Pam Schwartz (Classmate) @MadaMuseo

Maker Faire @MakerFaire

Nina Simon @ninksimon

Center for the Future of Museums (AAM) @futureofmuseums


Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums @midatlanticmuse

Smithsonian @smithsonian


“The Digital Museum: A Think Guide” Edited by: Herminia Din and Phyllis Hecht and introduction by: Selma Thomas, ISBN: 978-1-933253-09-1

Impacts of technology in museums today, evaluates different sectors of the museum and responses

“Displays of Power: Controversy in the American Museum from the Enola Gay to Sensation” by Steven Dubin

Discusses various museum controversies in the media

“A Graveyard Preservation Primer” Lynette Strangstad, American Association of State & Local History, 1995

Provides info on accessing a tombstone’s condition and proper cleaning techniques

“Making Museums Matter” Stephen Weil, Smithsonian Books, 2002

Essays discussing the museums’ role in preserving and displaying its collections to the public

“Museum Registration Methods” 5th editions, Rebecca A. Buck

The holy grail for registrars

“The New Museum” John Cotton Dana

Explains the theory behind Dana’s use of museums acting as servants to their community

“The Politics of Education” Paulo Freire

Shares ideas of how to get education out of the classroom & using it as liberation

“Reinventing the Museum, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Paradigm Shift” by Gail Anderson

Discusses paradigm shift in museums and how we need to respond

“Unbound by Place or Time: Museums and Online Learning” By: William B. Crow and Herminia Din, ISBN: 978-1-933253-12-1

Online learning in museums and expanding interactions with visitors

“The Virtual and the Real: Media in the Museum” Edited by: Ann Mintz and Selma Thomas, ISBN: 978-0931201-51-6

Experts discuss the philosophy, use and misuse of media and computer technology in museums