While this link is fairly obvious, it is a great place for finding legitimate job postings in museums around the country.

I heard about the 9/11 exhibit at the SI American History Museum from a co-worker. I find checking on what the SI is up to from time to time is worthwhile as they have some of the best supported museums in the world and are able to utilize new methods. For the 10th anniversary this exhibit placed objects on tables with no cases. Educators also focused on how to teach recent history to a new generation. They used technology in a great way by holding an online conference for educators across mediums. Topics included Conducting difficult conversations with young people and the curator’s challenge. Recordings are now available.

This is a link to a museum education list serve I just found out about through another class. I was told the museum ed world is fairly small and this is a great website to use in finding out what educators around the country are doing. It also helps to familiarize yourself with well-known members of the community. Discussions vary from job postings to docent training tips.