So when I thought about resources I first thought about books but then I realized I don’t know any good museum books so rather than BS some museum resource books I would show y’all what I do with my fun time and it goes right along with Nina’s book.
All of these resources are blogs and I found them on Which is basically just like wordpress (although I think a little more personal) because you can search through their blog, ask them questions. (I have one, but it is not all about museums) The only downfall is that, like with wordpress, you have to be a member to view people’s blogs, but it is free!

^her blog is an exhibition news and reviews. A lot of these places she has actually been to and often times she puts links to the museum websites. (She just did one on fashion week).

^there are also actual museums who have tumblrs so they show what their museum is up to and how it progressing. It can show if it is having an events or exhibitions coming up. This one actually just opened.

^and this is where it all comes together! its the social networking site for museums! Nina would be so proud! it has to be one of the new up and coming social resources for viewing museums, right?
because what they say on the side of their page is- “Mused for iPhone is an iPhone and iPod Touch application for museum and art lovers, families, students, and travelers. Discover, track, and learn about museums nearby and in locations all around the world.”